Smitty's NASCAR LEGENDS Pit Stop

If you're like me, you want your NASCAR sims to be as realistic as possible.  After  playing Sierra/Papyrus' NASCAR LEGENDS, I thought it was a good game that needed  help to make it a great game.  I was disappointed that there were not more "actual" race cars!  Where were the rest of the 1970 tracks?  What's the deal with the "politically correct" bogus names of some of the races?

Early on, there were very few add-ons and tweaks available on the web.  So, I went to work painting cars and stumbling through my first attempts at modifying and renaming tracks to try to recreate the 1970 GRAND NATIONAL season.  Some of my hard work is available here.  It might not be the best you've seen, but I hope it's not the worst!  Please help yourself to these files!


Things to do in Smitty's Pit Stop:

Beef up your field with some actual cars -  Cars Page

Be a man, get some real track & race logos -  Logos Page

Add some other 1970 season tracks -  Tracks Page

Run the real 1970 Grand National season -  Calendar Page

Surf to other NASCAR LEGENDS pages -  Legend Links

Check out photos of NASCAR LEGENDS - Photo Gallery

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